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by Leah Levitan

“Fascia” is a hot marketing buzzword in the health and wellness space right now. It’s just a fancy word for connective tissue but us practitioners love it because guys, fascia is reallyyyyyy cool! It’s quite literally the missing link in the wellness industry and that’s why it’s such a big piece of the foundation of my practice. We only just made it an official organ and started to delve deeper into what it actually does…and it is mind blowing. Check it out up close (pictured).

The research is pretty new. Remember, we used to cut fascia away and throw it in the trash when dissecting cadavers. We did that for hundreds of years! It’s okay, not everyone’s perfect. Well, we are listening now, yall! This stuff is not “packing material” and it will never be ignored again. It’s magic. It’s intuitive. It communicates with your brain and makes sure that you don’t hurt yourself. It connects above, below, and passes through…everything. Fascia is your friend and it’s affecting you right now, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Let’s talk about the systems you already know. We begin at the beginning. At your core you’ve got your skeletal system and there are fascial layers there and they connect your bones together. Add another layer and you’ve got your muscular system, there’s fascia all up in there too. Lastly, the third system on top of all of that is your fascial system (pictured above.) Ain’t she a beaut?! You’ve got your very own birthday suit, the organ of form. Picture yourself as an orange. You’ve got a nice thick protective cover, your rine. It gives you your distinctive shape and makes you what you are. Now, let’s peel you! We’ve got this thin, bitter underskin that keeps your wedges in place in a unique configuration. Those wedge compartments break all the way down to a single piece of pulp and that’s where the juice is. We’re made of 65% water and THIS is how we don’t end up as a puddle on the floor! We are a masterpiece, a fine work of art if I do say so myself. With any work of art, it’s fun to take a step back to take it all in and appreciate it as a whole but it’s important to get up close and check out all the gorgeous details! 

Fascia has a unique design of pull, so it can dramatically affect the other two systems, distorting these supporting structures. You’ve got a continuous piece going from the back of your head to the bottom of your feet that wraps around and over to the front (pictured above.) When we’re off balance and one hip is higher than the other? That’s where we start to see bigger pain problems. The longer it goes distorted and untreated? The more chronic these problems can get. We must find it and fix it fast! Fascia actually has 6-10 times more sensory nerves than muscle does. It’s just too crucial not to consider and treat. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle because it doesn’t show up on CT scans, MRIs or X-rays. If you’re seeking a diagnosis, that’s a pretty substantial chunk of information that’s missing. Fascia can give people a way out and by taking the time to read this blog post today, you’re educating yourself and deepening your understanding of your body. You’re starting to see the big picture. 

 I use my hands and insane sense of touch to seek out these discrepancies in your connective tissue to make you a more balanced body that’s moving and operating as it was designed to do. It’s my secret sauce. It’s what makes me such an effective therapist. I don’t claim to heal people, I help people heal themselves. 

I’ll leave you with this: Dr. Ida Rolf, our very own Brad Pitt of the health and wellness world (she’s a star) eloquently once said “Where you think it is, it ain’t.” I’ll teach you exactly what that quote means.

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