“No system in the body works alone. Never gets injured alone. Never heals alone. Think bigger. Think better. Think systems.”

– Dr. Perry Nickelston

Fascial System

This collection of collagen fibers that hold us together can often be the culprit of mysterious pain in the body due to alterations in its design. Remember, fascia doesn’t show up on x-rays, CT scans or MRIs. It could be the missing piece of the puzzle when seeking a diagnosis. Using the Fascial Distortion Model, we quickly identify how this web of connective tissue is being distorted with body language and a verbal description of pain given by you, the client.

This treatment takes less than 20 minutes to address.

Energy System

Most people hear the word “energy” and they roll their eyes. We get it. We used to do the sameeee thing…until we looked at the science. Energy isn’t magic, it’s science. Physics and chemistry. We love science! Have you ever felt like someone was looking at you and you gaze across the room only to find someone staring?! Have you ever sensed a “good” vibe or a “bad” vibe? How aware we are of the energy within and around us can impact our lives on almost every level.

Our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, fascia, nerves and even tissue store energy. It doesn’t necessarily get blocked, but redirected and stored in various areas and can cause pain. Tension is just bound up energy that isn’t able to move freely through our bodies. To shift our energy, we must return the body to a parasympathetic state.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!


Pain can be present in the body due to acute damage to a structure/soft tissue or a biomechanical issue. Sometimes our body (bio) isn’t moving (mechanical) as ideally as its designed to, causing stress on the involved joints/muscles/nerves. The brain is unfamiliar with these forces which leads to discomfort. Think inflammation and of course…PAIN. This type of pain can be especially frustrating due to its “nagging” nature. Biomechanical pain can take longer to resolve than damaged tissue from a strain, sprain or tear. Whether it’s the way you’re moving or an injury that’s holding you back, be patient with your body as you heal. We’ll get you your mojo back using methods that help identify and correct these issues.


The lymphatic system is the most neglected yet powerful system in the body that you never hear about. It’s our body’s sewage system and how our body takes out the trash. This crucial system removes: bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, inflammation, and cellular waste. Ever wonder why chronic pain doesn’t get better despite all your therapy and medications? Your lymphatic system may be the problem. If the body cannot rid itself of cellular waste during the healing process, the inflammation simply stays in the tissues causing pain. We’ve got the lymph covered, we don’t ignore it. Manual lymphatic drainage may need to be integrated into your session


Yes, pain can come from the gut and ripple out into our extremities! Where we feel pain in the body isn’t always where it’s coming from. In fact, this happens a lot. Trauma, stress, and shock are held as tension in the body and the abdomen is the emotional center. The nerve plexus center. Your stomach is a huge part of your immune system (and the lymphatic system.) Stomach acid kills anything that gets into your mouth, like bacteria, fungus and toxins.

So, what if it’s low? Chronic stress decreases stomach acid production, as do certain medications. This could mean big trouble for your sympathetic nervous system. We’ll help put the pieces together in regards to how the body works as a unit and why it’s doing what it’s doing. We aim to help you heal but also pick up on problems you didn’t even know you had or prevent them from happening in the first place.

Keep an open mind though…we might touch your tummy in order to release tension everywhere else in the body.


There is no such thing as “the left side” or “the right side” of the body. Both sides talk to each other because the body is one piece! One reason why visceral pain is so elusive in the realm of visceral pain is because sensation dysfunction is most often unconscious. Meaning, you don’t feel the problem but your brain does.

Our body then compensates to protect us which leads to pain problems that manifest elsewhere. We work with your brain (and think like it) in order to outsmart it. Our brain is crazy fast and only has one mission in life, to survive. We aren’t quite in those life or death situations that our ancestors were and living in a “survival mode” state can wreak havoc on our bodies. Think stress and inflammation.

Luckily, we know how to flip that switch in your brain OFF to let it get back to keeping you alive in other, more useful, ways.