Have you hit a plateau in your healing journey and want to level up by harnessing the power of your lymphatic system?

Are you over the fatigue, brain fog, skin or gut issues, swelling, hormone imbalances, and swollen lymph nodes? The doctor tells you that you’re fine, but you know deep down there’s got to be more you can do to improve your symptoms…

Most understand that lymphatic self care can tame inflammation, reduce pain, support our liver and gut function, release trapped emotions, boost our immune system, remove toxins, and improve our metabolism– but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: dry brushing and sauna sweat sessions are not enough. Not even close.

The Vodder Method has been the gold standard for clinical lymphatic drainage for the past 90 years. As a Vodder Certified practitioner, licensed massage therapist, and educator, I’m here to share the easy version. You want to show your body some lymph love but you’ve pieced together a DIY approach that has you feeling confused and hesitant to start your practice! You’re never quite sure if you’re doing it right with conflicting information.

I started Lymph Love Club to teach my clients how to do their own lymph work at home. What can I say? I’m trying to work myself out of a job. I designed these live webinars to be a FUN, interactive learning experience that teaches you ONE easy formula for Vodder quality lymphatic drainage. My approach, the same one I use in my clinic every single day, applies to anything you want to treat, anywhere on your body. When you learn to rely on yourself, you gain autonomy in your recovery.

Most think they need to spend thousands on getting manual lymphatic drainage done professionally, and invest in expensive equipment or practice intense detox protocols to help keep their lymphatic system in check, when it’s your hands that can do the healing.

And here’s the best news…

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the most powerful self care tool you can add to your toolbox that’s super easy to learn and costs nothing but a little time and intention.

Lymph Love Club’s Intro to Lymph Flow is ideal for those who want to take control of their symptoms and take the guesswork out of the lymph work, so they can focus on other lifestyle changes that support their healing journey.

After all, lymphatics is just one piece of the puzzle…but it’s a big piece. Our lymphatic system has an intimate relationship with nearly every other system in our body.

Why is understanding and targeting your lymphatic system so important?

Here are some of the incredible results my clients have seen since shifting some attention towards their lymphatic health:

● More energy throughout the day
● Improvement in digestion, feeling less bloated
● Decrease in pain levels
● Increase in resilience to stress
● Improved sleep
● Increase in body awareness
● And so much more…

What’s Included in Intro to Lymph Flow

● Lifetime access to your live course recording

● PDFs of all slide presentations

● Access to private LLC alumni IG account, monthly live Q&As, and weekly office hours via WhatsApp, for additional support when you need it!

Course Topics Include:

● How to identify and approach lymphatic system problems
● My easy-to-learn lymphatic drainage formula
● Anatomy + Physiology of the lymph system
● The most kick ass effective dry brushing approach

● How to build a lymphatic self care routine (that sticks)
● Athletic taping for lymphatic drainage
● Myofascial release for lymphatic choke points