About Me

Hi, I’m Leah Levitan, owner of Align Massage Company. I’m a licensed massage therapist who specializes in clinical massage. I work slowly and deeply, testing your movement and pain levels every step of the way, ensuring thorough exploration of the affected tissue or joint. Clinical massage is intense, but blending the modality with an occasional, gentle touch of Swedish will make it easier to relax during the session. I believe that everyone deserves affordable and convenient access to a clinical massage, delivered to your door. Regular bodywork is part of a healthy lifestyle that begins with addressing your personal goals about how you want to feel every single day. I believe in the healing benefits of my work because I’ve seen it work, and nothing makes me happier than to see my patients succeed in becoming pain free! The philosophy is: listen to your body when it whispers, so you don’t have to listen to it scream. Getting ahead of and being proactive about your discomfort could keep you from experiencing more chronic symptoms, and I’m here to help. Alignment is physical, as well as mental. It’s about taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself, and taking control of your pain. Pun intended, what I bring to the table is the experience, knowledge and passion that I’ve gained as a therapist working with many different injuries, helping many different people from all walks of life.